August 12, 2016

How to Prepare Your Home To Sell

You've decided. You're moving into a new Elite Built Home! Through all of the excitement, you've started to become concerned about selling your own home? Not to worry! Here a couple of tricks of the trade to stage your home to get ready for selling! 

Make it welcoming.  With all the times you’ve used your entrance, you may have gone blind to the wear it’s accumulated over the years.  See what can be touched up with new paint or scrubbed with some cleaner, then replace house numbers, porch light and a nice welcome mat.

Mind the details. Small details you may not even notice can depreciate your home in the eyes of buyers. Freshen up with new switch plates and outlet covers if yours are grubby or yellowed. Polish handles and hardware, and scrub away minor spots and scuffs on walls.

Eliminate bad odors.  Buyers will quickly run away if something doesn’t smell quite right.  Buy air neutralizer to remove bad odors, or even better, bake a fresh batch of cookies or add scented candles to create a homey feel.

Make your space look bigger. Hang floor-length curtains above the windows to give the illusion of higher ceilings. Lay down a striped rug to make the floor seem more expansive. Use a clear shower curtain to open up a small bathroom.

Prepare for snoopers. Buyers will open your fridge, peek in your medicine cabinet, and check under your sinks.  Tidy up these spaces that tend to be messy, and hide anything valuable.

And then there’s the basics:

De-personalize.  Too many personal touches distract the buyer from envisioning their own future in your home. Rent a storage unit to store excess furniture, family photos, etc.

De-clutter. It’s true furniture helps make a room look bigger, but too much “stuff” just makes it cluttered and takes away from your home’s appeal.

Don’t wait to start packing. Chances are you’ve accumulated a lot of belongings over the years. Get a jump start on removing anything extra

Remove everything you’re keeping.  Any window coverings, appliances or lighting fixtures you want should be removed before showings. If the buyer doesn’t see it, he can’t want it.   

And maybe the most challenging, but important of all…

Look to the future. Once you decide to put your home on the market, it’s no longer yours. Try to remove yourself from the strong emotional ties, and focus on what’s next for you in your new home!

August 5, 2016

Making the Most out of a Neutral Room

Solid, continuous wall colors can make a room seem larger, but too much of the same muted tone can make your d├ęcor fall flat. Neutral shades will give you a lot of flexibility as you choose how to decorate the room, but too much of it can make the space feel cold and uninspiring.  The beauty of neutral colors is your ability to mix and match any style, so here are some ways to ensure you’ll never hear the word “boring” describe your home!

Try Layering.  You can still create a peaceful ambiance without using all the same color.  Utilize different tones of beige, cream or grey, for walls, drapery and furniture to create more depth and versatility.  Likewise, choosing all the same fabrics will make the room fall flat, while drapes on a wall of the same color will stand out much more if that wall is paneled or textured.

Emphasize Architectural Details.  The architecture of you home could present a lot of character and individuality on its own. Highlight rustic exposed wood framing or painted wood walls & ceilings. Allow unique molding and built-in shelves and cabinetry to become focal points of the room.

Play with Accent Colors. Whether it’s one or two furniture pieces that make a bold statement, or little pops of color throughout small, personal touches, these additions can make all the difference! Just remember that the vibrancy of color is amplified against a neutral background, so choose wisely.

Define with Accessories.  When going for an earthy feel, a shiny metal side table or wood-framed chairs are nice touches, while faux fur rugs or cow-hide throws can accomplish a totally different look.  Or simply mix prints and patterns in pillows or wall hangings for a more subtle, but unique touch. The possibilities are endless.

Let Nature In. If tranquility if what you’re aiming for with your neutral room, plants are the perfect way to achieve just that while adding interest and color to your overall scheme.  Small houseplants are great, but large planters with jungle-like greens and twigs improve the mood and purity of the whole room.

July 26, 2016

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your New Home Builder

You’ve decided to build your new home – how exciting! If you’re not quite sure where to start when finding the builder that’s right for you, here are some good things to keep in mind!

11.) LOCATION. Does the builder you’re considering have or build homes in the area you want to live in?

22.)  PRODUCT & PRICE. Does the builder build the kind of home you’re looking for? Size? Features? Are the homes in your price range? 

33.)  COMMUNICATION SKILLS. Does the builder respond when you reach out to them? Do they return phone calls / emails in a timely fashion? How’s the front office? Are they giving you good customer service?  This is a big must!

44.)  REPUTATION. Does the builder have a lot of experience? Have you heard good things about them? Have you checked them out on social media? What kind of comments did you see?
55.)  GO WITH YOUR GUT.  When it comes to building your new home, listen to your little voice. What was your gut reaction when you met with the builder or sales associate? Did you hit it off or no? Make a list of pros & cons, but listen to your gut. Chances are, if your instincts are saying “YES!!”, then this is the builder you’re looking for!

We invite you to call, visit our website and check us out on social media when considering us as your new home builder. We’d also love for you to come meet us in person so you can see if we’re the right builder for you!

July 18, 2016

5 Reasons to buy a brand new home this summer

Newly built homes are in high demand these days. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Homebuyers appreciate the peace of mind and flexibility of brand new homes.  If you’re still sitting on the fence, we have 5 golden reasons why you want to buy a new home NOW!

  1. Timing Is Everything!
Summer is the perfect time to buy a new home. The kids are out of school, everyone’s life is a little more flexible. And if you act quickly on certain homes, you can be moved in and settled by the time school starts! Added bonus: You’ll be able to spend the holidays in your new home!

  1. Have It Your Way.
One of the most appreciated benefits of owning a brand new home is customization. You get to choose the cabinets, flooring, carpets, light fixtures, etc. With new construction, not only can they be custom tailored to your style, they can be custom tailored to your budget.

  1. Speaking of budgets… Look for promotions & incentives!
You might be able to take advantage of budget-saving promotions and/ or incentives. You could save thousands on upgrades, closing costs, or other costs.  Don’t hesitate to ask!

  1. The Green Factor
Homeowners are more green conscious, and many new homes offer double- triple-pane windows, energy efficient appliances, energy-conserving, long-lasting LED lighting and more; all features that decrease the homeowner’s costs and carbon footprint.

  1. Pride in Ownership

A brand new home means that you are the first to own it, to live in it, to make it your own. It gives you a unique sense of pride. After all, you’ve been here since day one, had your style incorporated into the home, and made it yours every day since then.

July 13, 2016

5 Ways to Connect With Us!

Whether it’s your first home with your growing family or a place to retire with your loved one, building or buying a home is one of the biggest decisions and investments you’ll make in your lifetime. It shouldn’t simply fit your needs, but instead, reflect everything that’s unique about you and your family. That's why Elite Built Homes is the best fit for you! Throughout the homebuilding process, we make sure that all of your questions are answered and all of your needs are met so that you end up with the home of your dreams! 

Choosing new home construction, gives you the opportunity to design your home for your distinct style, but choosing a builder you can trust is equally as important. We make it simple to develop this relationship even before construction begins. Here are 5 easy ways to connect with us.

1.     Check Out Our Website
Take some time to browse our site and get to know us. Our testimonials and experience speak for itself, but we’d love to tell you more. Feel free to register through our contact page to ask any questions or find out more about who we are and how we can help you.

2.     Like Us on Facebook
Connect with us on social media to get daily updates and news on homes available or recent design projects. Join the conversation and share your thoughts through comments or instant messenger. Our social media will show you not only what we can do, but give you an inside look at the people who share your passion for designing the perfect home for you.

3.     Sign Up for Eblasts
Not quite ready for a direct conversation? No problem. Sign up on our website for e-blasts to stay updated on new communities and homes we have in the works. It’s a great, pressure-free way for us to stay in touch. When you see something you like or are ready to talk, check out #4.

4.     Call or Email Us
We’d love to chat with you about your home needs. Reaching out directly through phone or email makes it easy for you to get to know us on a personal level and establish a relationship that could lead to your next home! See our website for all of our contact information, and reach out at any time.

5.     Visit Us!
Our personal favorite option - come see us in person! Meet with us at one of our model homes or locations to chat face-to-face with our team. In-person communication with our soon-to-be homeowners initiates the best connections, so we know exactly what your unique ideas are for your new home, while you can develop the trust you’re looking for in a builder.

With so many easy ways to connect, we make sure to be here for you at every stage of your home building process. Simply contact us, and you’ll see why working with us is just as easy.  We look forward to hearing from you!