June 30, 2015

7 Reasons Why It’s Time To Declare Your Independence… And Buy A Home!

Everyone wonders if they’re ready to take the plunge. No, not marriage… Homeownership! There are dozens of reasons to own your own home rather than rent, and most of them come down to freedom. Freedom from a landlord. Freedom from d├ęcor you didn’t choose. Freedom from rent that earns you nothing.

Why choose the “independence” of homeownership?

  1.         No more random rules about pets, guests, or noise from a cranky landlord. Your house… your rules!
  2.         No more arbitrary rent hikes or eviction notices from that same cranky landlord. A fixed rate mortgage is FIXED! And your home is YOURS!
  3.         When you own your home, you can have the kitchen you want. You can move walls, buy brand new appliances, or paint everything whatever colors you want. These types of changes are not possible for renters.
  4.         One-story or two? Three bedrooms or four? Basement or front porch? Many builders have lots of inventory to choose from, so you’re sure to find what you want. And these new models are energy efficient, and more affordable to own. That means great choices, as well as great prices.
  5.         You’ll save on taxes. You can deduct the mortgage interest rate from your income taxes and get a tax break on capital gains when you sell.
  6.         Rent is a down payment on nothing – except lining your landlord’s pockets.  Owning your own home is a great investment in yourself.  One that gives you a tremendous sense of freedom.
  7.         Assuming your home is priced right, the economy will reward you with a great return on your investment. Your home isn’t the stock market and you shouldn’t view it as a way to get rich, but as the economy grows, real estate prices grow, too.

Embrace your independence!  Choose the freedom of homeownership!

Elite Homes builds beautiful garden home communities perfect for baby boomers 55+ - featuring, single-family, low-maintenance homes, in a relaxing and convenient locations around Louisville.

June 17, 2015

Get Your Feet Wet in a NEW Signature Point home!

Don't miss the Pool Party & Luau!
Join us for a tour of our beautiful model home and an afternoon of food and fun!

When: Saturday June 27th from 11am - 2pm.

Where: Signature Point Model Home - 1102 Help Place Lane, Louisville KY 40299

Signature Point features low maintenance living and a lifestyle you deserve!
  • Prices from the $270's
  • HOA that maintains the yard and landscaping
  • Community clubhouse, pool, exercise room, and dog park
  • Craftsman-style single-family homes
  • Luxurious master suites, open kitchens, welcoming porches
  • Location across from Landis Lakes, 1/2 mile from Gene Snyder Fwy, minutes from I-64 and Historic Middletown
Call 502-245-6149 for more details!

Gift Ideas For Dad!

The days of giving Dad an ugly tie or boring aftershave are long gone. You could still give him a tie, but why… when there are so many more interesting options out there!  A recent trip across the internet revealed an astonishing range of gift ideas – from wooden iPhone cases to silver lighters, $9,000 custom-made surf boards to a $75,000 Babe Ruth-signed baseball! 

Here’s a rundown of some more realistic ideas:
  1.  The Latest Tech – iPad Air, Roku media player, Bluetooth headphones, FitBit… If Dad’s a gadget guy, the list is endless.
  2. Accessories Make The Man – Hipster shades, Mad Men-inspired everything – hip flask, money clip, shaving kit. Everything old is new again.
  3. Major Monogramming – From cufflinks to beer mugs & pitchers, you can get almost anything with Dad’s name or initials on it!
  4.  The Traditional Bottle – High-end bourbons & whiskeys are hot! Get Dad some of the good stuff – and then sit down and enjoy it with him.
  5. Experiences – Give Dad some time with you or time for himself! Tickets to a ball game, a round of golf at the club he likes, cooking classes, helicopter flight lessons, a race car driving session. If there’s something he’s wanted to try, chances are you can find it!

Elite Homes builds beautiful garden home communities perfect for baby boomers 55+ - featuring, single-family, low-maintenance homes, in a relaxing and convenient locations around Louisville.

June 5, 2015

Baby Boomers are changing the face of real estate

Baby boomers, who were the largest American generation until the Millennials took over, are either retired or quickly nearing retirement age. Born between 1946 and 1964 and numbering more than 76 million, they’re getting older, but are definitely not ready to head to the retirement home!  

The waves of baby boomers are already having a big impact on residential real estate. They are more active than generations past, have a more sophisticated style, and want options and choices in their homes. Many of them prefer to stay in their homes and communities as they age, rather than relocate. They are choosing to alter their current homes to make them easier to navigate, rather than sell them and downsize.

Some features that homebuilders and remodelers are seeing as they begin to cater to the boomers include: 

Home Offices. Baby boomers are working longer or opting for “phased” retirements, in which they work at least part time after leaving their primary careers. As they transition from traditional 9-to-5 jobs, they want home offices for flexibility.

Tech/Media Centers. Tech-savvy boomers want top-of-the-line amenities for their homes such as a media room with surround sound and central control systems. The house may include a wireless home network, remote control lighting and security features. 

Wider Doors and Hallways. Designing a home that is livable now but can transition and be functional as the occupant ages is important in ensuring that the home will be a good long-term investment. Wider doors and hallways are useful for moving larger furniture today, and will also be wheelchair accessible tomorrow. 

Better Lighting/Bigger Windows. The need for more lighting usually increases as we grow older. Builders are adding more & bigger windows to let in more natural light. They are also adding more light fixtures in areas including under cabinets and in stairwells. Multiple switches to reduce the number of trips and dimmer controls to eliminate glare are other options. 

First-Floor Bedrooms and Bathrooms. More than 40% of new homes have master suites downstairs – a trend fueled by boomers not wishing to go up and down stairs with bad knees and aching backs. The master bedrooms also have larger walk-in closets and bathrooms with a separate tub and shower and dual sinks. 

Easy to Maintain Exteriors/Landscaping. Yard work, painting, and other landscaping chores may not be enjoyable to aging homeowners. People who move to a new home when they retire may opt for a maintenance-free community. Those that choose to stay in their homes might make improvements to exterior surfaces such as installing stucco, brick or low-maintenance siding. Lawns are being replaced with outdoor rooms, featuring decorative landscaping or flower beds.  

Flex Space. Flex space has become more prevalent in both new homes and remodeling. Flex spaces are rooms that take on the purpose of the present homeowner's needs but can adjust with changes as they occur. What may have once been a guest bedroom can be revamped to serve as a hobby room or library. This allows homeowners to stay in their homes longer as it continues to serve their needs throughout life’s stages.

Elite Homes builds beautiful garden home communities perfect for baby boomers 55+ - featuring, single-family, low-maintenance homes, in a relaxing and convenient locations around Louisville.