December 30, 2015

Meet your Elite Homes Design Consultants – Lauren & Michelle!

Lauren Anderson is originally from Crescent Springs, KY, and is a Design Consultant for Elite Built Homes. She meets with each buyer to coordinate all the selections for their new home.

“My favorite part about being a design consultant is working with our buyers. I really listen to their wants and needs. And even though everyone’s style is different, each one is trying to achieve the same goal… their dream home!”

Lauren graduated from Western Kentucky University with a BS in Interior Design. After graduation she moved to Atlanta and worked for a cabinet company, designing cabinets, countertops and kitchens. Eventually, she worked as a designer for a semi-custom homebuilder. 

Michelle Heareth has been in the new home construction industry for 15 years, and is currently a Design Consultant for Elite.

“I have filled many roles in this industry, but by far, my favorite is Design Consultant! In this job, I'm able to meet wonderful people who are excited and, sometimes, a bit anxious about their new homes. I enjoy calming their fear of making selections. I help them put the pieces together so that they are able to visualize their new home.”   

Michelle says she loves helping her customers feel more connected and comfortable with their new homes.

December 28, 2015

Share Your Holiday Traditions!

As we spend the week reminiscing over the crumpled wrapping paper and left over cookies, we think about how special it is to enjoy holiday traditions in your home. Every family has its traditions for the holidays – the annual photo of “the kids”, traditional Christmas Eve dinners, or the untraditional like eating Chinese food and going to the movies on Christmas Day.

We took a completely unofficial poll, and found some of the most popular holiday traditions. How did you spend your holidays this year? What are some of your family's New Year traditions? We're wishing everyone a blessed year ahead!
  1. Sitting by the fire, sipping hot cocoa and telling stories from years past
  2. Baking cookies / cupcakes / gingerbread men from secret family recipe book
  3. Lighting the menorah together
  4. A new tree ornament or decoration every year
  5. Singing Christmas carols
  6. Watching holiday parades
  7.  Picking Pollyannas for Christmas / Hanukkah
  8.  Opening one present on Christmas Eve
  9. Video chatting with relatives who are far away for the holidays
  10. Staying in your PJs all day on Christmas
  11. Going to Midnight mass / services on Christmas Eve
  12. Letting the youngest (or oldest) member of the family open presents first
  13. Playing family games like bingo, charades, or Pictionary
  14. Lying under the Christmas tree when the lights are on
  15. Bringing treats or gifts to those who have to work the holidays (nurses, firefighters) 
  16. Watching favorite holiday movies snuggled together on the couch
  17. Lighting luminarias on the front porch
  18. Hiding one present for each child

December 9, 2015

10 Reasons To Buy NEW In The New Year!

Are you considering the pros and cons of a new home versus a used home?  The pros pretty much outweigh the cons, and here’s a list of ten reasons why!

1.     You can make a truly fresh start in a brand new Elite Built Home! No one else has ever lived there… it’s all yours!

2.     Your new home, and the beautiful products that comprise it, are all brand-new and under warranty!

3.     New homes are designed to be low maintenance, yet high style.  Our home are made of cutting-edge building products that require less care and maintenance.
4.     Nothing beats that “New Home” feeling. You could replace all of the windows in a resale home, add insulation and replace outdated systems. But why bother? Buy a brand new, all-you custom Elite Home!

5.     You can have it YOUR way. One of the benefits of buying a brand new Elite Home is customization. Pick your cabinets, flooring, carpets, light fixtures, etc. to fit YOUR lifestyle.

6.     New Elite Built Homes have a longer life expectancy than existing homes, giving them a longer period of time to appreciate in value.

7.     Many of our new homes offer energy-efficient windows and appliances, energy-conserving, long-lasting LED lighting and more… all features that decrease the your costs and carbon footprint.

8.     Safety is a concern for any homeowner, whether buying new or old. But, when you buy a new home, you save yourself some worry since everything is brand new and environmentally friendly.

9.     Custom Elite Built Homes are designed to fit the way you live, with convenient features like walk-in closets, kitchen pantries, finished basements, attics with storage… and plenty of room to grow. With resale homes, you may find that space is limited.

10.  Buying a brand new home means that it’s yours from day one. It’s your home, and it reflects your family, your style and your taste.

Elite Homes builds beautiful garden home communities perfect for baby boomers 55+ - featuring, single-family, low-maintenance homes, in a relaxing and convenient locations around Louisville.

December 4, 2015

Five Gift Themes For A Holiday Housewarming Party!

In Louisville, we know how to throw a party! This time of year makes throwing a relaxed and welcoming party even more fun, especially housewarming parties!

Housewarming parties are always a good time. You get to inspect your friend’s new digs! There’s music and food! Add in the festive spirit of the holidays, and you have lots of opportunity for a great time.

Be a gracious guest and find a fabulous housewarming gift… maybe one with holiday flair! Here are five fun gift themes for any holiday housewarming party, and some suggestions too!

1.)  Festive d├ęcor:
·      Festive door wreath
·      Plant or mini Christmas tree
·      Scented candles
·      Picture frame
·      Bouquet of flowers
2.)  The hostess with the mostest:
·      Coffeemaker or tea pot
·      Nice bottle or wine or spirits
·      Wine glasses
·      Cheese board
·      Serving tray
·      Homemade goodies (Cookies, pie, cake)
3.)  Warm and cozy:
·      Fuzzy blanket or throw
·      Monogrammed pillows
·      Cotton or silk bathrobe
4.)  Media geek:
·      DVD
·      BOSE speakers and headphones
·      Digital picture frame
5.)  Bookworm:
·      Kindle or Ereader
·      New bestseller
·      Barnes and Noble giftcard