November 25, 2015

Spice up your kitchen with some of these ideas!

As you'll probably be reminded tomorrow, the kitchen is always one of the busiest rooms in the house. A little imagination and some smart details can steer this room toward a look filled with personality...

1. Add a dash of copper. Copper is a hugely popular material, with a long history of use in the kitchen. Often it shows up in pots and pans, but it can make a real splash as a sink. With its nicely artisanal feel, a copper sink is an unusual, stylish choice.

2. Get a handle on things. Switch up your cabinet handles and pulls with metal, wood, glass, leather or ceramic. It’s an easy way to give your cabinets a fresh look.

3. Shine a little light on it. While kitchens often feature integrated overhead lights and task lighting, they aren’t particularly attractive. Try adding a more decorative table lamp to a work surface or sideboard to give the room a different feel.

4. Hang some art. While the kitchen is a practical room, it can use a bit of style, too. Hanging art in the kitchen can extend the style found in other areas of the house, and make the kitchen feel part of the whole.

5. Never underestimate the value of paint. A kitchen can be the perfect canvas for a creative paint job. Use paint to create the illusion of a backsplash, or a chair rail or paneling. It can make the room feel bigger or cozier, depending on the color.

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