November 28, 2016

Tips for Warming Your Home Through Decor!

As the temperatures begin to drop, and the days get shorter, we’ll start spending more time indoors.  For those colder days when you’re inside your Elite home in Louisville, your fireplace shouldn’t be the only thing keeping you nice and cozy.  Here are some ways to use warm decor to help take the chill out of winter.

1.     Pops of bright colors (cheery reds, tropical blues, deep pinks, juicy oranges) can help chase the winter blahs away.

2.     Change up your throw pillows & blankets with velvet covers or fuzzy fleece.  Add a fluffy faux fur rug to warm up chilly floors.

3.     Add the impression of warmth with metallics like gold, copper and bronze. Add some light & sparkle with silver mirrors or mercury glass accents.

4.     Think white is a cool color? Not when it’s a creamy winter white. A few hints of this warm neutral suggest snowy days – even if you don’t have any!

5.     Bare windows can seem pretty cold. Lined drapes in a thick material can go a long way to warming up your rooms visually and physically.

6.     Natural materials make any room cozier. Create a centerpiece or a mantle display with interesting twigs, pinecones, seedpods, evergreen branches, etc.

7.     Winter decorating is all about layering. Slipcover your chairs or sofa, and pile them with squishy pillows and snuggly throws. Then burrow in to keep the chill away.
      Lights are the obvious way to counteract the dark days of winter – whether it’s a reading lamp in a cozy reading nook, candles in the windows or dramatic landscaping lights outside.


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