December 27, 2016

10 Ways to Keep Your New Years Resolution in Your Elite Home!

It’s a time-honored tradition to make resolutions for the New Year. We vow to improve ourselves – exercise more, start a home improvement project… the list is endless.  This year, take the initiative and see how many resolutions you can keep – right from the comfort of your own Elite Built home in Louisville!

1.     Get organized. De-clutter your drawers and desk. Sort paperwork, bills, mementos and mail. Find a spot that’s just for paperwork & bills, and create a system for sorting things as soon as they come in. Clean out the closets – and see how much space you have. Invest in a closet organization system if it will help you keep things tidier.

2.     Make technology your friend. Whether you’re trying to lower your heating bills or find time to exercise consistently, automation is the key. Automated thermostats. Automated bill paying. Automatic reminders. It’s easier to develop and stick to new habits with a little help from technology. 

3.     Start – and finish – a home improvement project. If it’s a large project, break it into smaller steps. Create a rough schedule and cover parts of the project in monthly increments. 

4.     A space for everything. Go room by room, and think about what you really use each part of your home for — watching movies and reading in the den, for example. Make sure that everything you need to do these things is at hand, and get rid of anything and everything unrelated.

5.     Actually exercise more. You’ve been wanting to create your own mini fitness center, so go ahead and turn your bonus room into a gym or yoga studio. And use your smart phone or tablet to remind you to exercise every day. No excuses!

6.     Read more. You know that pile of books (traditional or digital) that’s been sitting unread for ages? Create a reading nook for yourself. Find a comfy chair, a good light and a shelf or table, and settle in. (Don’t be surprised if you keep finding kids in your nook, though!) 

7.     Create and follow a budget. Get yourself on a healthy fiscal track. Once you have your bills sorted (#1), then you can create a budget to track your spending habits. There are lots of easy to use budgeting programs. Set one up and get your finances in order!

8.     Create a healthier environment. Slow down and think about what you’re eating, wearing or cleaning with. Get the junk food out of the house and load up on lots of nuts, fruits and veggies. Take the time to sit down and eat as a family. Be aware of the chemicals in your cleaning supplies. Replace them with non-toxic or earth friendly versions if possible. Buy better made clothes with natural fibers.

9.     Learn a new skill. Hop on the DIY bandwagon. Choose an area that appeals to you and search for tutorials online, pick up a book, or hunt for a local class or workshop to get started. The sense of fulfillment you’ll get when you finish a DIY project is unbeatable.

10.  Concentrate on quality. Don’t fritter away money on furniture that will fall apart within a year or decor bought on impulse. If you have your eye on a special piece, try keeping a picture of it where you will see it regularly (like on your phone) as a reminder to save up for what you really want.

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